Free With Every Inspection

We go above and beyond a standard inspection. Check out the free services provided with every inspection. You’ll see why Home Detective of Minnesota is your choice for quality home inspections. Click on an image to learn more!


RecallChek® is the first service for consumer recalls in the United States and has compiled over 210 million recalls from public records, to create a fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances. RecallChek® ensures that if there is a recall on an appliance in your home, the manufacturer MUST replace that item or fix it free of charge.

90 Day Warranty

From the date of your home inspection, you can take comfort in knowing that if conditions change in the house, most items are covered up to 90 days. Claims will be handled within 72 hours of submission, and you never have to pay a deductible.

Mold Safe

If you move into your new home and mold is present that was not found when inspected, you’re covered for remediation up to $2000. It’s that simple!


With every home inspection, we provide Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard—the world leader in underground repair coverage. Buy with confidence and worry less knowing that main water line breaks and sewer collapses are covered, up to $4000.

Platinum Roof Protection Plan

For 5 years following the date of inspection, if any new leaks are found that were not present at the time of the inspection, repair costs are covered up to $3000 after deductible.

Home Owners Resource

To thank you for using our inspection services, you will receive a lifetime membership to home Owners Resource absolutely FREE. If you have a question about your house, we have the answer!

Guaranteed Monster Free

Your kids will be happy to know that Beck Inspects specializes in inspecting for monsters and will guarantee your home Monster Free with every home inspection.



18 Month Warranty!

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The Industry Standard Home Inspection Warranty is only 6 months.

Home Detective offers you the ability to add an 18 month warranty that provides more protection than any other Home Warranty on the market!