Starkist Tuna Can for Junction Box

Wacky Home Inspection Finds #1

Every week we stumble upon some interesting discoveries.  In this picture the home owner used a Starkist Tuna as a junction box of sorts.

We can help buyers uncover these kinds of hazards and help sellers with a pre-listing home inspection.  We are all Do-it-Yourselfers in some sense, otherwise there would be no use for hardware stores.  But, DIY’ers often overlook code requirements for the practical.  We get it and can help both buyers with peace of mind and sellers identify inspection obstacles to a smooth closing.

To schedule a home inspection, contact Reed today online or call (763) 434-3155.  All of our homes inspections come with a 90 Day Warranty.  Buyers Home Inspection Brainerd | Certified Home Inspector Otsego | Pre-Listing Home Inspection Garrison | Home Inspection for Sellers Maple Grove


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